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These pages are dedicated to the Chevrolet Camaro's and Pontiac Trans Am's that were campaigned in the Player's LTD/GM Motorsport series from 1986 through to 1992.

Approximately 90-100 cars were built by GM each year for this race series and were raced by drivers from across Canada at most of the premier race tracks in Canada (Shannonville, Grand Prix Molson, Race City, Mosport, Moslon Indy, Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres, Westwood, Cayuga Speedway).

The majority of races were televised on CTV's "Wide World of Sports" and were often part of a larger race weekend such as the Molson Indy or the Grand Prix.  There was an average of 7 races per season with 40-50 cars/drivers enrolled in each race.


The web site is broken down into the following sections:

History A detailed look at the history of the racing series, the people and groups involved, and the final demise of the series in late 1992.
The Cars A technical look at the cars.  What is unique?  What were the option codes A4Q, A4U and R7U?
Driver's/Teams A pictorial look at the cars, drivers and teams.
Tracks Which tracks were raced at, what did they look like, and technical details of how the cars raced them.
Technical All things technical.  Where items don't fall into the above categories, they will be here.
Marketing A listing of the various marketing campaigns, advertizments, posters, magazine articles, News letters and so forth.
Registry A listing of current Player's Challenge car owners and their rides.  Of the 497, how many are left?




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