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Marketing and Advertising

Through the various years, GM and Imperial Tobacco (Player's LTD.) used various advertisements to promote both their products and the racing series.  This area documents the many forms of advertizing and racing promotions that were created from Player's LTD and/or GM Motorsports.

Please note:  There are many other advertizments that were used throughout the years.  These were used by the various sponsors involved with the racing teams.  The primary focus for this web site is to highlight non-team specific information and as a result the team specific advertizing has been left out.  Should enough interest exist to document this, then a separate section will be created. 


Magazine Articles Listings of the magazines that featured information on the racing series.  Some are racing updates and standings.  Others are mainstream magazines featuring articles on the cars, drivers and teams.
Player's LTD. Ads Images and advertizments from Player's LTD. featuring the racing series.
GM Ads Images and advertizments from GM featuring the racing series.
Posters Posters from various sources including Player's LTD and GM featuring the racing series.
Racing Publications Information relating to the racing series.  Flyers, handouts, and so forth.
Newsletters These are the newsletters that GM and Players sent out each year to the racing teams.  Racing results, information, and so forth.  Great documentation on the series.
Other/Misc. What ever else!



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