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GM Motorsport Advertizments featuring Player's Challenge Series

The following are advertizments featuring GM Motorsports Camaro's and Trans Ams used in the Player's Challenge Series or as it was later known, the Player's LTD./GM Motorsport series.  

Please click on the image for a larger picture.

If you have any other advertizements feature Player's LTD./GM Motorsport Camaro's or Trans Ams, please contact me.

1986 Formula Mag.jpg (236792 bytes)

Here is an early advertizement that was published in 1986/1987 issues of "Formula 2000" Magazine.

1986 Molson Indy.jpg (246399 bytes)

Ad featuring GM cars from 1986 Molson Indy program.  The Ad is in French.


1987 vol2 no4 inside cover.jpg (234454 bytes)

This is from the 1987 season Vol2 No4 inside cover.  This is similar to GM's advertizing used in 86/87, however with the wording changed to gratitude from the usual marketing approach.

1987 Vol2 No4 inside back cover.jpg (241911 bytes)

While not a GM Ad, this is a great example of the cars on the track.  This was released in 1987 season from the inside back cover of the Vol 2, No4 issue of the series news letters.  



  1988 DrJekyll MyHyde.jpg (234698 bytes)

Perhaps the most famous picture from the racing series, "Dr.Jekyll Mr. Hyde".  This picture was featured in many magazines, local advertizments, and was given out as both small and large posters.


1988 Championship Edition - inside cover.jpg (136145 bytes)

Here is the same pictures, but in a series of other layouts.  This was feature on the inside of the Championship Edition '88.

1988 jekyll hyde mini poster.jpg (155971 bytes)

A small 8X10 handout with racing dates and locations.

1988 jekyll hyde mini poster 2.jpg (148335 bytes)

A small 8X10 handout with racing dates and locations (slight difference from prior version)



 1989 Championship Edition - inside cover.jpg (129488 bytes)

Again the Mr.Hyde was continued in 1989.  This was from the inside cover of the 1989 Championship Edition.

1989 GM Motorsport Ad.jpg (398539 bytes)

Another well known poster and advertizment from 1989.  GM started to focus on it's sponsorship in other racing programs such as the Corvette Challenge



1989 GM Poster Track Stars (french).jpg (467588 bytes)

Same as as above, but in French.  This is from the 1989 Montreal Grand Prix program.


1990 Jekyll hyde.jpg (151512 bytes)

Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde continued in 1990 however notice the cars are the 1990 models and not the 1991 as were used in the series.  The 1990 production ended in late December 1989.  All models after that, including the 1990 series cars were actually 1991 model year cars.  This advertizement was created in late 1989 to promote the 1990 series.


1990 Winning on the Streets (Molson Indy).jpg (159230 bytes)

Again in 1990, GM continued with promoting all of their sponsorships in one combined Ad.  This Ad from the 1990 Molson Indy program features the correct 1991 Model year Player's cars.


1991 Firebird Brochure

1991 Firebird Brochure front.jpg (156201 bytes)1991 Firebird Brochure back.jpg (191802 bytes)

1991 1LE Firebird Ad in Brochure.jpg (111676 bytes)

This is the absolute definition of race on Sunday, sell on Monday.  GM told buyers to order the 1LE option in order to get the same brakes and suspension as the race cars.

1991 Camaro Brochure

1991 Camaro Brochure front.jpg (190769 bytes)1991 Camaro Brochure back.jpg (221937 bytes)

1991 1LE Camaro Ad in Brochure.jpg (162411 bytes)





  1991 GM Motorsport Ad - Taking it to the streets.jpg (182777 bytes)

Another various on GM's multi car ads.  This is from 1991.  It features a 1991 Camaro with the Sunoco logo on the front fender indicating it was an Eastern car.  There was another car with a Mohawk logo that was campaigned out West.


1991 Molson Indy - taking it to the streets Mohawk ad.jpg (179214 bytes)

Similar ad as left, however the Camaro features a Mohawk logo on the front fender instead of Sunoco.  This was the difference between Eastern and Western sponsors (Sunco - East, Mohawk - West).





By 1992, much of the advertizing for Player's LTD./GM Motorsports had disappeared.  The Camaro's and Firebirds were going through a model change and by late 1992, the announcement that the series was ending had happened.

As of the time of this writing, no specific GM Motorsport Ad's have been found.



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