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Magazine Articles

The following are the various magazines articles that feature information about the Player's LTD. racing and GM Motorsport.  Information presented here is for HISTORICAL purposes.   

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If you have any other articles featuring Player's LTD./GM Motorsport Camaro's or Trans Ams, please contact me.

coverx.jpg (195837 bytes)

Perhaps the best R7U article found to date.

92ccpg1-2x.jpg (138397 bytes) 92ccpg3x.jpg (169477 bytes) 92ccpg4-5x.jpg (157107 bytes) 92ccpg6x.jpg (121134 bytes) 92ccpg7x.jpg (194691 bytes)
This article is a one-time produced "Camaro Firebird Performance" in the mid-late 80's.  The article features the only US run race for the Player's cars.  The Player's logo was replaced by the US sponsor Hardees.   xPlayers Challenge Series (1986) - page 1.jpg (160446 bytes) xPlayers Challenge Series (1986) - page 2.jpg (169162 bytes) xPlayers Challenge Series (1986) - page 3.jpg (221453 bytes)

Automobile May 1987 Issue.

xArticle - Automobile May 1987.jpg (106433 bytes)
StockCar Racing October 1986.

Good write up on the series beginnings.

Stockcar8610_pg54.jpg (216790 bytes) Stockcar8610_pg55.jpg (199610 bytes) Stockcar8610_pg56.jpg (231018 bytes) Stockcar8610_pg57.jpg (224518 bytes)
StockCar Racing January 1988.  A review of the 1987 season. Stockcar8801_pg36.jpg (178468 bytes) Stockcar8801_pg37.jpg (211679 bytes)
Formula June 1989.

Absolutely great article with a comparison between a stock car and an R7U car.

Formula8906_pg60.jpg (201828 bytes) Formula8906_pg61.jpg (244970 bytes) Formula8906_pg62.jpg (200677 bytes) Formula8906_pg63.jpg (202104 bytes)
Camaro Enthusiast March 1992.  A brief history into how 1LE came to be.  As well as listing of magazine articles that featured information on 1LE. CamaroEnthusiast9203_pg44.jpg (156509 bytes) CamaroEnthusiast9203_pg45.jpg (148173 bytes) CamaroEnthusiast9203_pg46.jpg (155422 bytes)
Canadian Motorsport 1989 CanadianMotorsport89.jpg (188424 bytes)
In insert in the Toronto Paper in 1989. Motorsport89cover.jpg (126069 bytes) Motorsport89.jpg (184444 bytes)
SuperStock Dragracing Ilustrated 1988.

An article testing GM Motorsport's cold air kit for the Firebird.  Parts from the Player's Challenge series (and coincidentially the parts that led to SLP's cold air box.





MuscleCar 1989 - another article that features the race-only parts.  (poor quality)


x1988 Super Stock Drag Illustrated Pg1.jpg (158518 bytes) x1988 Super Stock Drag Illustrated Pg2.jpg (189440 bytes) x1988 Super Stock Drag Illustrated Pg3.jpg (68596 bytes)

Trans Am Road Race Air intake mod (Muscles Cars 1989).jpg (197368 bytes)




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