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Players LTD. Imperial Tobacco Advertizements featuring GM Motorsports Racing

The following are advertizments featuring only the Player LTD. racing and GM Motorsport.  It appears that Player's LTD advertizing featuring the GM Motorsports did not appear in magazines or programs until 1989 as demonstrated by the ads below.  Any other advertizing was in the form of brochures, posters or handouts. 

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If you have any other advertizements featuring Player's LTD./GM Motorsport Camaro's or Trans Ams, please contact me.

1986 None found to date.  First year for series, not much advertizing from Imperial Tobacco Ltd.  Most ads featured Indy cars.


None found to date.


None found to date.


  1989 Players LTD ad.jpg (190790 bytes)

Another Ad found in magazines and programs.  Features Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary city scenes.

1989 Players Ad.jpg (149777 bytes)

Inside the back cover of racing program.  Artwork suggests late 1988 design of Player's LTD logos on the cars.

1989 Eastern Ad.jpg (345567 bytes)

Eastern Series driver's list and racing dates.




1989 Players (Montreal Grand Prix).jpg (243215 bytes)

From the 1989 Montreal Grand Prix.  Centre pullout section, players racing on left, list of drivers in the middle and Player's on the right.  Left and right sides are presented here.  Take note of the city of Montreal scenery at the bottom of the left page.


  1989 Players Ad (with GM Motorsport).jpg (199573 bytes)

Ad found in programs and magazines in 1990.  Primarily Player's LTD ad with GM Motorsport added to the bottom.  The ad was commonly featured with a "Driver's Entry List" for the various Indy series.

Players Ad (no GM Motorsport).jpg (170579 bytes)

Interesting Ad featuring same artwork as other 1990 ads, but without GM Motorsport. 





1991 Players Ad.jpg (198784 bytes)

Ad featuring Player's LTD racing with GM Motorsports added to the bottom.

1991 Molson Indy Vancouver.jpg (173540 bytes)

Moslon Indy Vancouver Program.  



1992 Players LTD GM Motorsport (Vancouver Indy).jpg (344909 bytes)

Bi-page opening ad.  "Tradition of Excellence".  Featuring Sunoco logo indicating Eastern Series.

1992 Players LTD GM Motorsport (Mohawk logo).jpg (338171 bytes)

Bi-page opening ad.  "Tradition of Excellence".  Featuring Mohawk logo indicating Western Series.



1992 Cayuga Program.jpg (179522 bytes)

1992 Cayuga Speedway program featuring similar ad as in other 1992 programs, however the cars were altered to appear as stock cars instead of Camaro's and Trans Am's.  This may have been the original artwork which was altered for GM Motorsport racing.





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